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Tambor Bay Bird Counts

During the 19th century, many North Americans participated in the tradition of Christmas Bird Hunts, competing to see how many birds they could shoot, regardless of the birds beneficial uses. In December 1900, the U.S. ornithologist Frank Chapman, founder of what now is known as the Audubon magazine, proposed counting birds on Christmas instead of killing them. This began the Christmas Bird Counts that have been held annually throughout North America for over one hundred years.

Two annual bird counts are conducted in Tambor Bay each year; The famous Christmas Bird Count, and the Valentine’s Bird Count that is unique to the Tambor Bay area and is a festival in celebration of the areas bird life.

people doing a bird count in costa ricaThe purpose of the counts is to provide data on changing bird populations and identify long-term trends and also to increase appreciation and education of bird life. In Tambor Bay, the annual bird counts serve to help us learn more about this areas birds (we find new species on every count), to encourage sustainable eco-tourism in the area and to get local people involved in bird watching and guiding activities.

We encourage both local and visiting birders to get involved in the bird counts in Tambor Bay. We always need more help, and you may even get the chance to record a new bird for the species list! You can view information of upcoming counts on the news and events page. Please contact us with any questions or inquiries about joining us for the upcoming bird counts during Christmas 2014 and Valentine’s 2015.



Results and count data for all the counts conducted in Tambor Bay are available here, just follow the links below.

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Valentine’s Bird Count 2014 Results

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