About the Bird Watching

Tambor Bay, located on the homepage-banner-birdingNicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, is one of the country’s premiere bird watching locations.

This area sees much less tourism than other destinations and it is this remoteness and pristine state that lends to an authentic natural experience. The area is easily accessible from the main city of San Jose and all the travel information needed is available on this site.

Abundant freshwater rivers make the area an attractive oasis to resident and migrant birds, especially during the dry season (January – April) when birds congregate along the Panica river and areas of evergreen forest. A well maintained trail system provides access to a variety of habitats and connects the birding accommodations so that you can come and go as you please.

collared-aracari-toucan-costa-rica-2074Beginning on an expansive beach with abundant sea and shorebirds, the main trails runs along the river through lush tropical forest. The river abounds with egrets, herons, kingfishers and numerous other birds and is surrounded by dense mangroves where migrant warblers and other songbirds can be found. Quintessential tropical species like trogons , toucans, motmots, antshrikes and manakins are common inhabitants of the areas abundant forest habitat and protected areas.

scarlet-macaw-9619Tambor Bay is also conveniently located between the Nicoya Peninsula‘s two main national parks; Curu Wildlife Refuge and Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. It is an ideal place to stay if you wish to explore these stunning natural areas and day trips to the parks can be arranged through your accommodations. The area is particularly well-suited for groups and couples with differing levels of interest and experience in bird watching. The great diversity will provide the birding enthusiast with endless enjoyment and discoveries while still providing the opportunity to relax in luxurious accommodations or engage in a diverse set of non-birding activities.

birding trail at tambor bayIt is the mix of of large iconic species, familiar migrants and tropical exotics that make Tambor Bay such a unique birding destination. Check out the Tambor Bay species list for a full list of all the birds recorded here so far. Perhaps no where else can you experience such an abundance and diversity of bird life while still being able to enjoy the other amenities that make Costa Rica famous; pristine beaches and luxurious hotels and comfortable accommodations.

The Tambor Bay Birding Association promotes birding tourism in the area, be sure to check out recent News and Events or check out the Facebook page for more photos and information about bird watching in Tambor Bay.