tropical forest of the nicoya peninsula

Birding the Nicoya Peninsula

Come bird the wild and adventurous Nicoya Peninsula!

The Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica extends out from the northwestern part of the bird watchers on the nicoya peninsulacountry and is separated from the mainland by the Gulf of Nicoya. The Peninsula remains wild and undeveloped, with much less tourism then other areas. The area experiences a dry season from December to April and during this time visiting birders can be confident that they will have good weather, sunny skies and lots of migrant birds! It is the seclusion and natural state that makes the Nicoya Peninsula the perfect destination for the birder looking for a real adventure.

The area is easily accessed by car, ferry, and affordable in-country flights from Nature Air and Sansa Regional that leave directly from the airport in San Jose.  The ferry leaves from the port of Puntarenas; a short and scenic boat trip that crosses the gulf of Nicoya. It is a great way to see the beautiful Pacific coast line and spot some sea birds like brown booby and magnificent frigatebird along the way. Please review the travel information available on this site or contact us with any questions you may have

aerial of tambor bay in nicoya peninsulaTambor Bay is located at the extreme south of the Peninsula, about 20 minutes from the ferry terminal and only 5 minutes from the Tambor airport. This small town is quickly becoming the birding destination of the Nicoya Peninsula, thanks to a growing birding association that has developed the area for birding tourism and the convenient location between the Peninsula’s main protected areas.

This part of the Nicoya Peninsula is noticeably more moist and hilly then in the the northern portion. This creates an oasis for resident and migrant birds that congregate in the areas pristine hlesser ground cuckoo nicoya peninsulaabitats and abundant freshwater. The bird life in this area is extremely unique, with species characteristic of both central wet forest and northern dry forest. In fact, we are still discovering new species that have not been recorded on the Peninsula. Just check out our recent bird counts and trip reports; there are always exciting discoveries being made here!

The southern Nicoya Peninsula is also one of only five areas in the world that is known as a “Blue Zone“, an area where people live measurably longer lives and experience greater health and happiness. It’s no joke! The peninsula was the subject of an expedition in February 2007  that uncovered the longest-lived people known in the Western Hemisphere.

The Nicoya Peninsula offers a birding experience unique in Costa Rica. No where else can you experience such diversity in bird life while still enjoying luxurious accommodations, secluded beaches and all the activities that make Costa Rica a famous travel destination.

cattle egrets on the nicoya peninsula