Christmas Bird Count 2014

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On Jan. 10th the Tambor Bay Birding Association conducted its third annual Christmas Bird count! It was a great turn out at Hotel Tambor Tropical the night before the count, with 25 people getting organized into groups in preparation of a full day of birding ahead. The count began at 6PM on Jan. 9th with a nocturnal survey up to Raptor Ridge, the highlights of which was a great look at a cooperative mottled owl. The next day, four teams covered the areas of Curu, Los Delfines, Raptor Ridge and the Panica River, recording a total of 172 species and 1852 individuals. Highlights of the day included Crane Hawk, King Vulture and a new species for the Tambor Bay list, Greenish Elaenia! The count wrapped up with an excellent supper at H and B Restaurant and Cabinas, thanks folks!

A big thank you to our special guest Robert Dean, illustrator of the essential guide book “The Birds of Costa Rica: A Field Guide.” Thanks or helping us out with our count and we hope to have you again to Tambor Bay!

Thanks to Juan Carlos Cruz for all the photos!

Too see more images from the count visit the Tambor Bay Birders facebook page.

Click here to see a table of the count data from the Christmas Bird count 2014.

A big thanks to all our  participants:
Eduardo Sanchez
Jorge Zuniga Lopez
Larry Landstrom
Juan Carlos Cruz
Nick Hawkins
Arturo Perez
Ruth Rodriquez
Jorge Luis Perez
Finn R. Grave (Norway)
Inger Staubo (Norway)
Alex Jamieson (Canada)
Wendy Vega Bastos
Elizabeth Landstrom
Geraldine Hutchings (Canada)
Glenn Ricketts (Canada)
Jose Pablo Delgado
Jessy Lopez
JC Aguirre
Yorlenny Madrigal
Paula Cruz Madrigal
Jose Fabian Rojas
Carolina Orozco

The birders meeting at Hotel Tambor Tropical on the evening before the count.

The birders meeting at Hotel Tambor Tropical on the evening before the count.


Robert Dean, illustrator of “The Birds of Costa Rica” guide book signing Paulas book!


Arturo gets a new, signed copy of the guide book for bird of the year, Northern Potoo!


Counting birds over Tambor Bay


White-necked puffbird along the Panica River Trail


Violaceous Trogon


Crane hawk, a rare site for the Panica River trail


Mottle Owl up at Raptor Ridge during the nocturnal survey


Hoffman’s woodpecker and a pair of red-legged honeycreepers visiting the bananas at El Timonel


Enjoying the new benches along the Panica River trail system


Taking a break long the Panica river behind H and B Restaurant


Birders surround the big tree along the Panica River Trail

Supper time, and tallying the count at H and B Restaurant and Cabinas

Supper time, and tallying the count at H and B Restaurant and Cabinas

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