Finding the Elegant Trogon

January 17, 2014 by Nick Hawkins No Comment


Ever wonder about the bird on the Tambor Bay Birders Logo? It is the male and female of the beautiful Elegant Trogon. Although we love our logo, you have to see this incredible bird in person to do it justice. Seeing the Elegant Trogon is a right of passage for members of the Tambor Bay Birders, so we recently set out on a quest for elegance with some new members.


Searching for the Elegant Trogon


Northern Costa Rica is at the extreme southern limit of this species range, and the bird isn’t even listed as occurring on the Nicoya Peninsula. That means that the population of Elegant Trogons in Tambor Bay is likely the most southern occurring population in the world and is one of the only places in Costa Rica to see this species! Still, there are only a few areas in Tambor Bay where you stand a good chance at seeing the elegant trogon, and we just happen to know where. You’ll have to join the Tambor Bay Birders to find out!


Male Elegant Trogon


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