Improvements to the panica river birding trails in Tambor Bay, Costa Rica

New improvements for birding trails!

January 25, 2015 by Nick Hawkins No Comment

Well it has been a busy start to the birding season here in Tambor Bay, kicking off with our 3rd annual Christmas bird count that saw a good turn out of participants and some excellent birding in the Tambor Bay area. Participants of the bird count also got to enjoy some new improvements to the already awesome birding trails along the Panica River. The bamboo railings have been extended, trails cleared a bit wider and benches have been placed along some of the favorite birding spots along the way! We have also expanded the trail and created a whole new system behind the Tambor Bay school and Tambor Bay properties that are being developed. This trail system features three bridges that cross over a creek bed and wind there way through beautiful mature tropical forest with massive ceiba and espavel trees. The area also has produced some species that are less common on the other trails, like blue-crowned motmot, collared forest falcon and gray-headed tanager.

Birding along the main trail system this year has been stellar, with every years new growth continuing to improve the habitat and draw bird species. The river mouth has been busy with egrets, herons and the occasional spoonbill while the lagoon area has held more boat-billed herons then in previous years. Along the trails we have had plenty of sightings of black headed and violaceous trogons and the ever exciting turquiose browed motmot. We have even been getting regular sightings of white-necked puffbird! One of the biggest improvements to the trail system has been the connection of the upper and lower reaches. Birders can now walk directly from the Tambor Tropical Hotel up towards H and B Restaurant and then up to El Timonel Bar where Alejo continues to attract a  large variety of birds to his banana feeder, including regular visits from groups of collared aracari. In the past, birders had to walk along the road to move from one section of trail to the other so this is a huge improvement. The new section of connecting trail has even produced a few new birds due to the different habitat, we have commonly seen rufous-capped warbler and long-tailed manakin, two species that are more common at higher elevations.

The trail system has really come a long way in the last year, and is a huge asset to visiting birders and also to the town of Tambor that can now boast one of the most productive and beautiful trail systems in Costa Rica. Can’t wait to show out multiday tour guests who arrive in just a few days! A big thanks to all who helped out. A big thanks to the Tambor Tropical hotel who supplied most of the work to clear the trails as well as the bridges and benches. Thanks to Carlos at H and B for the nice sitting area along the river behind the hotel!

Enough chatter…check out the photos of the trail improvements!


Birding along the Panica river bed


Looking out over the Panica river while enjoying the rest area behind H and B restaurant. Thanks for Carlos!


Fabian trying out the new stairway that connects the upper and lower reaches of the Panica river trail, a huge improvement!


Enjoying the new benches along the Panica river


Sandy and Wendy birding along the Panica river trail


Stopping to admire the giant Sinisero (?) tree along the trail


A great spot to sit and watch the birds along the river


Photographers enjoying the new benches


The well cleared trails make walking easy and quiet, great for birding!


One of many look out points along the Panica river trail


Walking the new connection between H and B restaurant and Tambor Tropical and beachfront


Eduardo photographing a roosting lesser nighthawk along the Panica river trail


New bridges along the Panica trails system behidn the school!


Juan Carlos stares up at a Costa Rican giant


A good spot to sit if you ask me


Mature trees in the new trail system


New trail through mature tropical forest

Improvements to the panica river birding trails in Tambor Bay, Costa Rica

The longest of three bridges along the new trail system

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