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Results of Valentine’s Bird Count 2014

February 18, 2014 by Nick Hawkins No Comment

results of bird count in costa rica

The results are in! A big thank-you to everyone who helped with the Valentine’s Bird count that happened this past weekend in Tambor Bay. It was a lot of fun and we managed to record a total of 176 species, 3 of which are new for the Tambor Bay list! We also recorded a total of 1344 individual birds.

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Counting Birds of the Panica River Trail

The areas covered by the count included the Panica River Trail system, Curu Wildlife Refuge, Raptor Ridge and surrounding area as well as the lagoons at Los Delfines. We recorded three new species for the Tambor Bay List: Vaux’s Swift (flying over the lagoons at Los Delfines) Crane Hawk (Panica River Trail) and Long-billed Starthroat, a species of hummingbird whose range in the books does not include the Nicoya Peninsula. The Starthroat was seen by the group at Raptor Ridge led by Joel.

A special thanks to Joel and Ileana from La Selva Biological Station for taking time off to come help us with our count, we hope to join you in La Selva to help with one of your counts sometime soon! To view more images from the Valentine’s bird count please visit the album on facebook.

Count Participants:

Ruth Rodriguez

Jorge Galan Arias

Arturo Jose Perez


Yocelyn Alvarado Azofeifa

Paula Cruz

Elizabeth Castillo

Jorge Zuniga Lopez

Larry Landstrom

Nick Hawkins

Joel Alvarado

Ileana Blauco

Marcus & Miriam Hiltbrunner




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