Field Guides

Choosing the right guide book for birding in a foreign country can be difficult. Below is a list of suggested field guides for your trip to Tambor Bay, Costa Rica

Tambor Bay Wildlife Guide

A beautifully made and easy to use laminated fold-out guide created by Rainforest Publications specially for the birds and wildlife of Tambor Bay. All proceeds go to the Tambor Bay school. The guide can be purchased at the accommodations listed.

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Field Guide – “The Birds of Costa Rica”

The most commonly used field guide for the birds of Costa Rica. Written and illustrated by Richard Garrigues and Robert Dean, it contains illustrations, range maps and brief descriptions of all Costa Rican species.

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Bird Guide – “A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica”

This guide by Alexander Skutch and Gary Stiles is larger and contains more information about the biology and behavior of Costa Rican Birds. It is a good reference book and a good compliment to the primary field guide.

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Nicoya Peninsula Bird Guide

This guide by Rainforest Publications contains most all of the birds species that are commonly found in Tambor Bay and the Northwestern part of Costa Rica. The illustration of each species on the field guide is accompanied by the name of the species in English, Spanish, and Latin.

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